Hello LivingHipHop users. 

I'm happy to inform you that we have found a new file hosting website which will be replacing zippyshare, the website in current use.  This website is called TuneScoop, and there are several reasons to why we are switching to it. Its upload and download speeds are much higher, and some of its features make it a pleasure for us to work with.  It keeps track of how many times a certain song/file has been downloaded, and it gives you the ability to customise the embedded player.  After making the player suit to your taste, it will generate a code for you to insert the player on any website of your choice.  Also please keep in mind that all the submitted songs must be on Tunescoop.  If any songs are submitted through any other website, it will be ignored. 

If anyone has any trouble using Tunescoop, please refer to submit guide We hope you enjoy this site as much as we enjoy it.  

Yours Truly,
LivingHipHop Staff